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Aladdin! B+ (*from a pre-school mom who adores the original and saw it as a middle schooler and holds it near and dear to her heart). The best of the Disney live-actions so far that I've seen. Will Smith is a tough change as the Genie from the amazing Robin Williams, but if you can accept it early on and roll with it, he does a decent job with a different spin. The two main actors aren't amazing but they're fine and hold it together, and Jafar is different but great. The story is strong enough to hold. Guy Richie as director adds a kind of Moulin Rouge-y, surreal feel to the flick at times (I realize he didn't direct that). It's a vibrant film with a lot of the iconic animated scenes recreated to satisfaction.

Major plus: Iago (the red bird) is supremely toned down (THANK GOD there's no Gilbert Godfried) and Jasmine has a stronger story arc. I took my 4 year old. Fun flick especially if you're into Disney!
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