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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Could not disagree more re IYD. She may have had more fun making that one, but the result is self-indulgent. There are songs on it I like but......Dave is her WORST producer (Sheryl is far, far better) and he never tells her no or edits her bad ideas.

Totally agree re: the guest stars. Sheryl sure, they're pals. Macy Gray? Stevie admitted it was only because they shared management ie cross-promotion. She stated once she had actually wanted Sting to partner with her on that one but she chickened out of asking him.

I like Sheryl's production. And FFG is totally a rocker.

Hate Too Far From Texas, she sounds AWFUL and bleaty. Everyday is another turd. Totally glad Space Needle, Call on Me for Magic and My Heart, Touched by An Angel were left off.

I really like LB's production of Thrown Down, which fits really well into that FM album. The wall of sound version would have fit really well into this album, and could easily have replaced any of the previously mentioned polished turds.
You’re not alone in disagreeing with me re: IN YOUR DREAMS. But, for me, the five songs that do work on it are among her most charming and warm. TISL just strikes me as slickly professional, without much character. The two duds you mentioned are songs I also think are duds—so we agree on that
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