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The album is really a mixed bag, partly due to different producers and partly due to bad song choices.

I think Sheryl was trying to give every song the raw treatment, kind of like Landslide was on The Dance. But combined with Stevie's flat nasal droning vocals, the result was often the dragging down of some good songs.

Dead vocals really hurt Candlebright, Sorcerer, and Planets. Planets is a case in point - it is well produced, like the rest of John Shanks efforts on the album, the song is fascinating because of that and the complicated, shifting melody and odd lyrics. But the vocals are too low and flat.

That being said, the only duds really are Too Far From Texas, That Made Me Stronger, and Everyday.

The best vocals are on It's Only Love and Love Is, which is the standout on the album to me. I wish she had gone to Sarah McLachlan for the whole album.
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