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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Did you not see Mac live in 2009? They did Storms that tour.

I think Stevie got bored of doing it in 2018. It really is a dull song. Even though Gypsy's done every tour, she can bop to it. Angel or Beautiful Child wouldve been better.

I agree DDIO was loved by the crowds in the shows I went to. I Got You there may've been some people walking, but not sections of people!
I did see that tour, I checked and that was their Unleashed tour, where they focused on their hits. I do remember she performed Storms then, and she did a great job. It has a Landslide-gravitas to it, but since it’s not near as well known to casual FM fans as Landslide is, I don’t think the audience appreciates it as much. Such a beautiful song, as is Beautiful Child. The audience in 2019 didn’t seem to like it as much as the audience in 2009 did, sadly.

I think, like most performers, Stevie reacts to the crowd. If the audience was digging Storms, than she reacted and responded to that; if the audience wasn’t digging the song, she probably got frustrated. I would say that’s what happened with Storms on the last tour.
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