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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
I remember them opening with In the Back of my mind in Pittsburgh. I absolutely loved it as an opener. I actually enjoyed the shows with Billy and Rick in the band. I remember at the time not being that upset that Lindsey had left the band. Probably because I was such a Stevie fan and Lindsey had made his choice. I would like to have seen a few more albums with Stevie, Rick and Billy. I think the music the band made on Behind the Mask was really good.
Oh me too, me too. That album seemed like the beginning of something great.

Hoping Mick's ongoing Dadaism project sees more Rick/Bekka type collaborations.
Reuniting the Rumours line-up just produced 20 years of virtual silence. If Stevie didn't like the heat she should have quit the kitchen.

I know many will disagree - I have no desire to quarrel.

Peace and love everyone
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