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Originally Posted by dougl View Post
In Canada, Shirley Eikhard covered "Say You Love Me" and released it as a single several weeks in advance of Fleetwood Mac in early June 1976. Eikhard took the song into the Canadian top 40, peaking at #34; Fleetwood Mac's version, released only a few weeks later, peaked at #29 in September.

In the fall of 1979, singer Stephanie Winslow scored the only Top 10 country hit of her career, with her cover reaching number 10 on the country charts.

Singer Lynda K. Lance spent five weeks in the fall of 1976 on the American country singles chart with her version, peaking at #93.
How was Shirley Eikhard allowed to do that?! I can't imagine why Fleetwood Mac or Christine McVie would sign off on one of their potential singles from their new "comeback" album being released by someone else beforehand.
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