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now this is the type of photo that should have been used for promos, not that horrible retouched photoshoot that should have been trashed immediately -

Lindsey Buckingham, Kristen Messner Trying To Fix Marriage After Filing For Divorce
Post category:Australia News
Post published:September 16, 2021

Singer Lindsey Buckingham and his spouse Kristen Messner try to repair their marriage because the musician revealed the couple remains to be “working on” the wedding after submitting for divorce.

Buckingham, 71, famous that relationships will be difficult in the long run, noting that the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on their marriage.

“Relationships in the long term can be challenging, and they have their ups and downs. You’ve got to take that ride and be willing to take it,” Buckingham advised People Wednesday. “I think a lot of relationships were somewhat tested by the lockdown.”

The singer went on to elucidate that his spouse wanted “some time to herself” and he has been “completely supportive” of her resolution.

“Before this all went down, I was not aware that many people file for divorce and then choose not to follow through,” he explained. “Kristen and I agree that is the best course to follow, focusing instead on working on our relationship.”

The “Law and Order” star additionally admitted that the relationships are constructed on “a set of illusions” and people illusions live on in a relationship to a point.

“I think part of having a long-term relationship is accepting that you’re never going to really know everything about another person and that you’ve got to concentrate on the things that bring you together and that define you as a single entity and try to let go of some of the other things,” he defined.

He additional explicated his philosophy of sustaining a wholesome relationship.

“It’s perhaps celebratory of the fact that joy and sorrow must coexist very close to each other. And that acceptance of that larger sense of relationship is what can keep it going,” he advised the journal.

Buckingham has three youngsters with Messner — Leelee, 21, Stella, 17, and William Gregory, 22. While the couple already had their first little one in 1998, they reportedly bought married in 2000.

Buckingham’s spouse filed for divorce in June 2021.

On the work entrance, the singer might be subsequent seen in a documentary titled, “Fleetwood Mac: Rumours,” which is at present beneath post-production. The documentary is helmed by director Michael Collins.


Photo: Getty Images

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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