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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Do you remember an early 80s radio show called the "Rock Album Countdown"? It was on a rock station I listened to and they would do a weekly countdown of the rock albums and play a song from each album. They also had interviews that may not have been exclusively theirs. I would listen back in 1983 when the Wild Heart was in the countdown. An interviewer asked Stevie point blank: What do you do with so much time back stage at Fleetwood Mac concerts? Stevie's answer: I breathe steam for my voice. Yeah ok LOL I mean she is half right. A white substance was still going up the nose so she was giving a WHITE lie (get it....white lie)
Remember in the backstage Tusk footage she had her head over that steam thing? She had to dance around and do lots of giggling with Robin.

I liked that stuff. I remember at one point Robin was pinning up her hair and Lindsey was like please for the love of heaven can you hurry up. I mean every time he complains about something, she thinks it is because he is jealous of her, but sometimes I think he complained because she was just so darn annoying.
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