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I’m underwhelmed by the reissue. Of the new offerings, “The Chain” stands out as excellent. I love it, love it, love it. The rest is fair-to-good but not outstanding. “Angel” sounds decent but without SEEING Stevie doing the dancehall bit on stage I’m not especially excited. Her vocals on “Gold Dust” are flat. Why pick an unadventurous version of “Sisters” when there are other well-known better ones?

Christine sounds best on “Brown Eyes, though it’s not an obvious song to do live. Her vocals on “TAM” are better than the YouTube one that’s been floating around for years, but the rest of the band don’t sound as energized. She sounds tired on “YMLF” and outright exhausted on “Songbird.” “Hold Me” is lovely and fun.

Lindsey fares best because his raucous songs are best suited to the stadiums. “WMYTYTO” and “Tusk” shine here. Still, I’m not terribly interested in repeated listenings.

The original release’s version of “Not That Funny” is good, but nowhere near as good as the Mirage tour version on YouTube.

So, in all, meh. I’m glad for “The Chain.”
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