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Originally Posted by guillamene View Post
If there was only one officially released Fleetwood Mac CD that I could take to a desert island, it would be LIVE.( I should point out that I always skip Not that Funny,Never Going back Again and One More Lonely Night) Still awaiting the box, but based on one itunes listening of Disc 3, I am happy with it- despite the apparent inaccuracy with dates and venues, which is really unacceptable.
I have about 100 + live shows from 1975-2019, so I am familiar with live versions of these songs . That said, disc three has some great material. Stand outs at first listening were Hold Me, Brown Eyes and -much to my surprise- Tusk , which is much more 'fluid' than later versions.
That's the best Tusk Live, that I've heard. It's fluid, it makes more sense as a song, it jams to give the crowd energy.

I've always thought it was just filler live.
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