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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I’m convinced performing “All Over Again” was Stevie’s idea. As loopy and narcissistic as she is, choosing this tune from an album without Lindsey’s participation was a very calculated move. And it paid off. From what I saw on YouTube clips (I refused to see this incarnation live in person) the song was a wise choice. They both sounded good and it was an ideal “first” for them: a Christine and Stevie duet. That novelty was highlighted as a way of telling the world they didn’t need Lindsey to do exciting things on stage. I believe they were largely wrong in that assumption, but AOA really did work.

And no: I don’t think Chris really thought about the song after she’d recorded its.
I agree with you. It’s exactly like DLMDA. Message to LB. If Stevie did not know AOA herself, she asked Mick for a suitable song suggestion and he gave that one to her, because he certainly knew it.
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