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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
Thanks for posting. That was the best 40th Mirage anniversary article yet. Her take on Mirage is understandable. They are great songs but so commercial. Rumours was not trying to be commercial. Its that organic feel that makes songs great.

This is the second admission that Chris says she quit drugs around then. However here she says she was not on drugs during Mirage. The other interview I heard many years ago she said after the Mirage tour and during her solo album is when she stopped doing cocaine. It sounds like Chris loves making albums because as miserable as Tango was for the other band members, Chris loved it. I have heard Mirage stories of not so much fun. There was no air conditioning and too many drugs and Bella Donna was staring Lindsey in the face. They never even appear together in the Hold Me video which shows they were not getting along that well. Yet chummy Christine yet again talks about how much fun making Mirage was. Just interesting. I remember the People magazine article about Dennis's death and it showed the heart design in Christine's garden. Its so weird she hated it. Yet she loved him when he did crazy stuff. Just odd.
I always got the impression Stevie was not happy recording Mirage either. It interrupted her solo album tour and the lyrics of Straight Back.
Loved the Chris interview!!!!!
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