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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
I recall a review of the album at the time that called it a "music box" of sounds and I always thought that was a good way to put it... Metaphorically it is sort of a wind- up music box with lots of tinkly and plinky sorts of sounds and as you say, a bubbliness and cheeriness, even if lyrically some of the songs weren't as cheery (Gypsy is actually a bit dark, but the arrangement is most definitely not).
Yes, the Rolling Stone review which was meh but a little positive but not overwhelming. I don't think they meant Music Box as a compliment. The review did end on a positive note that Mirage was an album you want to sit down to dinner with a bottle of wine with. Great for romance I guess
Mirage did not get great reviews and was shunned by rock stations. It was not the bounce back from Tusk the rock stations hoped for.
I love that everyone loves Mirage but I like diverse opinions. I remember when I first joined this board that Mirage was as popular as SYW I don't know if those people left or people changed their minds.
Is there anyone that does not like Mirage? I love it but I wish the Mirage cut Smile At You was on the album. Its so powerful and awesome but maybe it did not fit the "music box" theme. I find the term music box insulting because it takes away from the creativity. A music box is light elevator music that is programmed and not daring. Thats how I saw the Rolling Stone review. They were right in some ways. I think Chris even mentioned that maybe they were too cautious with Mirage because of how Tusk got flamed. But the songs are good and everyone was still writing brilliant songs at this time especially Stevie.
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