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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Did she say that because she said in a prior interview that she and Stevie don't talk anymore?
yeah.... it feels like there's a certain amount of... I don't know what to call it... backtracking or some sort of softening what she's said elsewhere. Or maybe she's just getting old and it depends what day you ask her something what sort of answer you'll get. Maybe when her back hurts and she's got a cold and all that you get crankier or just more honest answers. Then other days she's more on the PR train. Like she's really glossing over her marriage problems with John, like "oh we never fought" when it's known he would go into drunken rages and tearing through hotels looking for her as she was hiding in Stevie's room, or the incident in NY (I think?) that even Mick sort of tiptoes around talking about but where everyone sort of agrees was the final straw (one gets the sense he might have found where she was that night and others had to intervene on her behalf, but that's just my guess. It was clearly something ugly in any event). And now saying how they all had such good times and so much laughter, when during the period of her return she talked about how the drama and fighting between S&L had just gotten too much for everyone. Age and distance can soften the bad memories and also make you want to look back and see how lucky you were and remember all the good fun things that happened. But there is a sort of schizophrenic flavor to her interviews recently.... one day she says this, the next she says the opposite.
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