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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Stevie's vocals on Find Your Way Back Home were actually done before Coronavirus lockdown and not with Neil present. I'm surprised Stevie didn't ask Neil to work on Show Them the Way with her. I think he would've done that song much better than Greg Kurstin.

When Stevie said that on Ellen, I think she had IYD and Songs from the Vault in her head. With IYD, she could call Mick in to play on a few songs and have her FM connection there. And I know Lindsey was only brought in because Waddy couldn't play Soldier's Angel the way Stevie's demo sounded.

I don't see Stevie going in a studio with FM again. Amd that sucks.
My point with the Neil song is that she was willing to even consider it, especially with Christine and Mike also being involved. I can’t imagine her getting any closer to doing something with Fleetwood Mac if Lindsey was still in the band.

And that does suck. Neil and Mike are probably two of the most accomplished songwriters Fleetwood Mac has ever had and they’re not going to do an album. But, she also refused one final album with the classic lineup.
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