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Originally Posted by secondhandchain View Post
NO he's a traitor and an embarrassment to this country. I'm paying more in taxes this year (fact) and the deficit will hit 1 trillion next year WAY more then they initially thought. He's A LIAR and causes **** storms EVERY GOD DAMN day. When he was campaigning he went around saying the "real" unemployment rate was 40 percent and the Obama was lying. MAGICALLY he now boasts how the unemployment rate went from 4.6 when he took office to where it is today. WHAT THE F happened to the 40 percent rate he was quoting. LIAR He will say anything. UGH Hated around the world. Hated. The funnies part is that you think this BILLIONAIRE from New York likes Americas people. BWAAAAAH I've have listened to this absolute a hole on Howard Stern for years. He does NOT like people who aren't rich like him. What a joke!
No he is not a traitor or an embarrassment. He is a patriot. He is trying to fight for Americans but unfortunately he is not getting much support. The liberal news media is the real embarrassment. Donald Trump is being filtered through their eyes and it just exposes how biased and manipulative they really are.

Watching tv, the night of the election, you would of thought someone died. Half the country voted for Trump but there was not a single reporter representing us. The next night news reporters were on air with Democrats in front of millions of people trying to come up with narratives to impeach Trump. We watched this happen, and now you want us to suspend reality and forget all that and believe that the liberal media and Democrats were not out to get Trump. They’re just good honest folks doing their job. Total bulls****!!!! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it a duck and it’s very obvious that 95% of the media is just another branch of the Democratic Party and has been out to get Trump from day1.

Now we know you think Trump supporters are stupid. You try sooo hard to tie Trump to Putin with the hopes that we will have developed amnesia and turn on him. It’s not going to work. Why? Because we can’t relate to you. Democrats live in their own world of identity politics, 900 genders, loving illegal criminals, hating Christians, hating police, hating free speech... you’re not really classic Democrats anymore. It’s like they have their heads permanently stuffed up their own assses and they only see what they want to see. Democrats don’t represent working people anymore - one big reason why you lost the election, but you forget that.

Democrats motto is to resist, resist, resist... and they are in it to win it because they’ve lost everything. They lie, use children, unidentified sources.., anything that they think will cause an emotional response that may sway a Trump supporter. They want a rush to judgement. They want people to use their emotions and not their brains.

I got a big raise this year at work and my 401k is doing excellent, better than ever. The economy is doing excellent despite Democrats hoping it will crash.

Trump has had the mainstream media, Hollywood, half of the Republicans and all the Democrats against him. He has done a great job especially considering what he has had to go through.

(Typed this on phone so all over place, sorry)

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