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I use Christopher Hjort’s “Strange Brew: Eric Clapton & The British Blues Boom 1965 – 1970” (Jawbone 2007) as my main source and then try and find at least two other sources to collaborate the information –

With The Peter B’s sole recording, the Celmins’ bio and the Hjort were the only information that I could find

The consensus seems to be that The Peter B’s single was recorded “sometime” in February – there does not seem to be any documentation as to when exactly – or where.

Hjort writes that it may have been done at EMI’s Abbey Road Studio, in St. John’s Wood, but does not offer a reason for this speculation other than that Columbia (the British label) is an subsidiary of EMI.

I was unable to determine if Eddie Kramer ever worked for EMI, I do not think so, but was hoping that someone might have more information on that –

March eleventh is the day the record was released.

Thanks for the not about "Mermaids" - too funny -

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