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Question Volume Level at Fleetwood Mac Concerts

Hi, guys. I'd like to ask everyone's opinion on something. I caught the show at Nassau Coliseum on Sunday Night and totally loved it. It was my first Fleetwood Mac concert and I had an absolute blast. And I was very impressed with how "tight" the band is, musically.

But -

Yeah. Not to be a stick-in-the-mud, but I thought the volume really was WAY too high. Mind-numbingly so - EPIC.
Dangerously high.

It certainly was much, much higher than any other concert I've ever been to, including Stevie solo concerts.

So I was wondering how other people feel about this, and what their opinions are.

P.S. - Ironically, I seem to remember that a couple of years back, Mick was speaking publicly about volume levels at rock concerts, saying that they are too loud - dangerously so - and should come down.
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