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Originally Posted by David View Post
She’s a pistol. A highly entertaining interviewee. I don’t think she’s particularly intelligent — unless the acid fried her brain a long time ago. But she’s forthright and non-PC and maintains no tiresome filter. She’s rock and roll.
Her story of being fired from Jefferson Airplane in 1978 (not mentioned here) is quite crazy. The band got tired of her drunken wild antics. The band was touring West Germany in 1978 when Grace was too drunk to take the stage. The crowd started chanting and demanding her appearance. So the next night the band made sure she was on stage however she was stone drunk. She was not singing but insulting the Germans how America kicked their ass during World War II.
Yes, I agree. THIS is rock n roll and an outrageous way to get fired from a band. Compare it to Lindsey. He was fired for dare dancing behind Stevie while she spoke at a lame awards show.
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