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Originally Posted by elle View Post
this should probably be in the early band or Peter Green section, has nothing really to do with the "current" band.
Agreed. A friend sent me a link to the poster for the concert, so I came to the Ledge to see what I could find out, and almost gave up after looking under the Early Years, Peter, and Christine forums. Moderators, move the thread, please.

The press for this doesn't imply that Peter himself will be performing. It will be Mick with a cast of several other musicians, many of whom are pretty darn famous. I think it sounds like a good thing. As much as Mick has proven himself to be largely motivated by greed, even that can lead to a positive result sometime.

I really, really hope Chris polishes up her blues piano chops and does some REAL playing in this concert. And how about a DVD of the show?
-Joanne (from Cape Cod)
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