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Originally Posted by David View Post
What a sweet, heartwarming, karmic thing to do — and how boring the result will be!

P.S. Does the presence of Glyn Johns as executive producer mean that a certain pair of platform boots will not be participating?

P.P.S. John McVie not part of the “house band”? That’s an odd one.
love the idea of honoring original FM and Peter Green, with some of the greats contributing.

but ------- cannot stand Mick Fleetwood though, so even if i lived in London and was intrigued by the lineup (and donation of at least small part of the money to something other than Mick), i just wouldn't be able to make myself go. knowing what we know about Mick and the "current" band, he's probably trying to stretch ways to make money more than honoring Peter, while still banking on the FM name. because doesn't he do all those early FM songs with FM Blues band but in that case cannot make enough money for his over-lavish lifestyle? he's looking for different ways to bank on FM name in case Nicks finally boots him completely. and also making sure that FM is non synonymous with Nicks, which is what his actions from the last 2 years may have led to.

so no, Nicks will not be there. i mean - she brags of having no idea that Black Magic Woman was a FM song?!?!?!

re John McVie - that's a weird one - you'd think if he was participating that he would be listed. than again, maybe Mick threw him under the bus because his name is not big enough? or John finally had enough of Mick?

PS this should probably be in the early band or Peter Green section, has nothing really to do with the "current" band.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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