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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
I agree. John doesn't want to tour any more than he has to. Thank God Christine and Lindsey still had the itch to write and make new music. Mirage w/ a dash of Tango Part II was kind of cool and breezy listen. 2017 was a wonderful summer.
I mean even going back to Say You Will, in the documentary even though he will admit it was some of the best playing he had done in years, John still moans about even having to be there!

I've always felt it was beyond a miracle that they somehow cobbled together an existence, even if it's a paper-thin chemistry strictly for touring, for the past twenty years since 1997.

It's heartbreaking how much garbage Lindsey was willing to let flow under the bridge and still think of them like family up until 2018 when they ALL proved to really be the awful people that even Lindsey didn't ever believe them to be until then.
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