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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
As you say, Stevie's career wasn't in the tank. She was asked to give songs to major motion pictures in the 90s. I'm not sure how Somebody Stand By Me worked though because Sheryl wrote the song.

Did Stevie ask Lindsey to join Twisted? I know she felt she had to redo it in 2014
she asked him to bail her out with it, because no one could figure out how to make her demo into a viable, releasable song. Same again a few years later with Soldier's Angel after Dave slaved over it and couldn't get it right. Tom (her favorite 'truth teller') flat out said he worked on any number of Stevie songs over the years of her solo career trying to figure out how to produce them, and then Lindsey came in and said, do x, y, z and Tom would say to himself, 'yes, of course!! he's right!!" His words, not mine. Stevie has continued to turn to Lindsey to bail her out forever, despite her public statements. He likely deserves producing credits somewhere on all of her solo work. Certainly many many of the songs on Bella Donna benefitted from his work on them and the polished demos he did with her on them which are recreated almost identically on Bella Donna (certainly not from her songwriting demos). Even stuff that didn't show up until WH or long after were old songs he'd worked on over the years (eg Sorcerer etc)

Her re-do of it sucks, btw.
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