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Originally Posted by Netter75 View Post
To think how much Freedom would have been improved if done live with some energy. Here's that clip for anyone curious:,sm0r5.html.

I'm not too terribly familiar with the Behind the Mask tour, only recently attempting to fully appreciate the era, but I think I remember reading that they dropped Save Me for Say You Love Me. That choice makes sense, even if it's a bit lame and very indicative of the band's views on the album. I'd be curious to hear Love is Dangerous live though, it seems like it could be a halfway decent song if it didn't feel so lifeless on the album.
Thanks for the direct link to Freedom- I tried to view it when I watched Back of My Mind, but couldn't. I really liked this incarnation of the band, I thought Billy's background vocals were great and I loved Rick Vito's guitar work, style, and stage presence. Thanks for the info about Say You Love Me replacing Save Me- boo! Love is Dangerous was great live, Stevie and Rick played off each other well, and it sounded like the album version. Definitely an advantage of having 2 guitar players in the studio AND on the road, instead of having a studio guitarist hidden in the back of the stage playing while Lindsey was up front.
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