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Originally Posted by Mr Scarrott View Post
I don't think this was the Japanese TV show. I can actually remember watching this when it went out in 1990, and a little further research on youtube makes me think it was a (UK) Channel 4 programme called Rocksteady.

See Go your own way below, which I think is from the same show.

For one thing, I think the performances were live- the Japanese thing was mimed. I can remember the announcer saying that the performances were filmed as a rehearsal with a small invited audience. I think, from memory that Stevie sang Landslide as well. There were some nice interviews with the band members- I can recall John saying that he blew a million on partying.

I do recall not being hugely impressed with the whole thing, and was faintly embarrassed by In the back of my mind. I've never really shaken off my dislike for this line-up, and I'm kind of glad I passed up the chance to see them live. No-one was on their A-game, really. As Long as you follow and Behind the Mask (the title track) were the only decent songs to emerge from it.
I think you may be right. The Japanese stuff was lip synced.
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