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Originally Posted by McLamb View Post
Fortunately this song is now a bonus track on Mystery To Me, from the 1969-1974 box set. The lyrics are on the insert inside the CD sleeve. The print is so tiny, I had to get out my magnifying glass to read them. The music is quite similar to that of "Bad Loser" from Heroes Are Hard To Find. Both great songs, though, and I'm glad to have decent-quality recordings of them.
Yes, about the connection to Bad Loser. The similarity in their musical ideas is discussed in box set thread. I don’t think there is any complicated reason why the song never surfaced until now. It was probably because CM/BW/MF reworked those musical ideas into Bad Loser. The real surprise is why Good Things was dropped while Forever was kept. Good things is a far superior song. My guess is they needed a lighter song in a major key to work in the running order between the eerie Hypnotized and Keep On Going.

Anyway, Bob’s reworking of the song on THREE HEARTS is good—but it lacks the energy of the original.
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