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Originally Posted by JohnL View Post
And Republicans have become the party that just wants to degrade anyone who isnt a white Anglo-Saxon male. They have crucified Dr. Ford in the media and refuse to even acknowledge the possibility that what she is saying is true. Which, I believe, is true. Kavanaugh was spiteful and argumentative and lied about how he got into Yale in the first place. He does not belong on the Supreme Court. Bottom line is politicians suck these days more than ever. And now even the Supreme Court is lining up along party lines. It is sickening.
Degrade! Spiteful and argumentative? If someone was telling lies about you and trying to ruin your life are you supposed to act happy? White Anglo Saxon male? Give me a break! She came up with a story and none of her so called witnesses can even corroborate it. There are huge holes in her story because it never happened. Itís a fake outrage ****tt show. She is just trying to delay.

Whenever someone starts talking about white Anglo Saxon males, itís pretty easy to tell they been brainwashed washed by CNN and women studies Unbelievable and youíre probably a white male.
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