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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
Same venue and evening? Wow, that one got by me. I don't remember that. And that is pretty f**cking weird.
See, I don't see it as weird (as weird as that sounds). Coming from the band where members took separate limos to shows. As we saw from Red Rocks, Stevie and Mick were high as f**k. I can see both of them dodging Lindsey because of their antics. They probably met backstage or nearby. Mick played a boring bongo in her set. I dont think Lindsey wanted or would ask Mick to join him on stage to slap a bongo

Dont get me wrong, it would have been cool for both Stevie and Mick to appear on stage during Im So Afraid. But Stevie was not on stage for the song during the Mirage tour LOL. They had other things they were more concerned about at the time

You don't go on someone else's stage unless you are invited. Clearly Lindsey did not invite Mick or Stevie and I can honestly say I don't blame him
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