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Shrewd move by Theresa May. I reckon Labour's seats could be cut to somewhere between 150-200. The biggest winners apart from the Conservatives will be the Liberal Democrats- I think they'll significantly increase their share of the votes and pick up an extra dozen or so seats (including Vince Cable who will stand near to me in Twickenham again). Conservatives might take a couple of extra seats in Scotland but I'd expect SNP to keep most of their huge majority. Scotland will be interesting though.
In general I think a major wipe out would be quite good in a sense for Labour- they need an excuse and an opportunity to get rid of Corbyn. Probably better to get it over and done with now rather than limping along for another few years. On average bookies are offering odds of 1/14 for a Conservative win and one bookie is even going as far as 1/20. Brexit, Trump... no chance of an upset with this one, surely.

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