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Yet again TISL is a shining example of a Stevie Nicks album that really suffers from multiple producers.

The opening sequence of that album I think is amazing. TISL, Candlebright, Sorcerer, and Planets of the Universe - that's 4 killer tracks in a row. That mix of acoustic and electronic production is a really nice combo within just those four tracks.

Every Day, Too Far From Texas, and I Miss you is where I really fall off the wagon. All of those reek of really bland adult contemporary radio tracks. I feel like I should be buying socks at Kmart when I hear those songs. I think removing those tracks would of resulted in a really solid 10 track album. The original version of My Heart is worlds better than any of those tracks. I'd go so far as to replace That Made Me Stronger with My Heart.

1. Trouble in Shangri-La
2. Candlebright
3. Sorcerer
4. Planets of the Universe
5. My Heart
6. Love Changes
7. Bombay Sapphires
8. It's Only Love
9. Fall From Grace
10. Love Is - the piano only version

IMO, thats a stronger album. I didn't include Thrown Down because I thought the TISL era version suffered from over production. I prefer the SYW version.
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