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Originally Posted by Nicks Fan View Post
The issue I have is since Lindsey was fired it seems like itís open season on him from anyone even remotely connected to FM or one itís members. I recall Ken got his licks in , someone on social media said they messaged Carol and she wasnít exactly crying over him getting fired, Vanessa Carlton got her digs in and now this twat is doing the same thing.

I love how he mentions two incidents but then is not at liberty to discuss. I call bs. I guess this guy answers questions on Quora and someone asked him about his thoughts on Lindseyís firing. My take on it is that heís looking to to stay in the spotlight by using his SN connection. To my knowledge he has never worked with FM in any capacity so what he could he possibly know or have seen???

Let me guess SN or one of her entourage told him stories so they automatically have to be true.
Makes me even more thankful that Sharon was so classy.
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