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Originally Posted by WatchChain View Post
Neil Finn AND Mike Campbell were nothing more than temporary hired hands to do a one off Fleetwood Mac tour without Lindsey while he took a temporary leave of absence to do a solo album and work on his marriage.

The hiring of the office temps also gave Stevie a break from Lindsey because they cannot stand each other. Make no mistake, the Buckingham/Nicks disdain for one another was NOT the reason for the fake “firing”.

Neil’s temp job with Fleetwood Mac has come to an end—he knows it, management knows it, the band knows it. Expect an official announcement sometime by the third quarter of 2022.
Oh, how I wish you were joking. If you really expect Lindsey stepped aside voluntarily you cannot have watched any of the interviews where he discusses his firing. He believed it came from Stevie and she instigated a coup against him. He also received a payout from the band to compensate him for the income he would have made if he had been allowed to participate in the 2018-2019 tour, LIKE HE WANTED TO. That’s right, Lindsey wanted to perform in the 2018-2019 tour.

By the way, if he was given time off to work on his marriage, it worked a treat right? NO! He is getting a flaming divorce! Or is that “fake” too?

Please tell us all now that you are just trolling. Please.
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