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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
No matter how many times I hear it or read irks me that Mick called Mike to ask him to join because Lindsey "left" the band.
Does it really matter? It’s semantics, which this board painfully pisses over. Lindsey was out of the band. Mike would have joined regardless. He surely knew by Hawaii. He could have backed out and the band could have gotten Rick Vito or maybe gone for someone like Jeff Beck. Who gives a crap?

Its also ridiculous to pretend this was Mick's idea since he made the call. Mick was told to make the call the same way Mick was told to fire Lindsey.
I could see it being Mick’s idea, I could see it being Irving’s idea, and I could see it being Stevie’s idea. Again, who cares? After the decision to was made to fire Lindsey, Mike Campbell was the obvious choice. Lindsey was fired and Stevie was obviously distraught over Tom’s death, so who to get to be the new guitarist? C’mon, it’s not rocket science. Total no-brainer. He has a significant history with the band’s biggest star, was a member of one of the most beloved bands ever, and was unexpectedly available.

Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Its also funny and very revealing that Mike stated that he only had met Mick once or twice before and he could not remember exactly.
Why is that hard to believe? Sure, they knew a lot of the same people, but their professional paths never crossed, unless you count “Freedom,” which is kind of a stretch. As for not remembering the exact number of times, face it, it’s not like sobriety was ever a priority with those guys and they meet lots of people whenever they’re out in the world. Part of the territory of being a rock star. Again, pissing over semantics. He got the point across that he didn’t personally know Mick.
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