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Default Which drug?

OK: Miranda is either schizophrenic or a drug addict. Or indeed, why not both? In any case the symptoms are similar: withdrawal, depression, fear, loneliness and psychosis (hallucinations).

I favour the drugs angle: she sticks the [needle] right into her arm. There are two drugs that can be taken this way.

Sherlock Holmes took cocaine by needle, but modern users (Al Capone, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks) generally snort it. Also, Miranda's photographs appear in magazines, so she wouldn't fill her skin with puncture marks - unless of course, she was past caring. Which brings us to heroin.

Heroin is the drug of last resort, the last step before suicide. It is perhaps the most powerful, most addictive and most direct of all drugs. It is not the sort of drug happy people take for fun, or artists take for inspiration. No one with any self respect or common sense will touch it. A heroin addict is indeed "dying with all of her might".

So I reckon she's taking heroin.
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