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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
That's a good analysis. I remember Dick Clark asked Chris in 1984 with her experience why she was not producing her album herself. Classic humor Chris responds: Its easier to blame someone.

Her 1984 album was reviewed by the Pittsburgh Press in 1984. They liked the album but claimed it lacked musical muscle. The songs were not wimpy but with the ace performers of Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and Steve Winwood, the album should have shown some power.

I thought that review was a little harsh but it popped in my head after reading your comments. She claimed she wanted to please her own ears and I think she accomplished that. She's not thinking commercial stuff but just good songs.
None of her solo albums are wholly satisfying but each of them has fine moments. Of the three, I think ITM the most consistent and enjoyable. The production is clean and spare. I don’t think it bland; rather, I sense its very spaciousness is meant to allow her voice and songwriting to take center stage.

The 1969 record is like a lot of records made by women singers at that time—a hodgepodge of styles, a buffet of genres. I wish that record had more minor-key blues tunes like “I’m On My Way” and more stax-inspired R&B tunes like “No Road.” I dig half of it a lot.

I dig half of the 1984 record, too, though the middle of side 2 falls flat for me, redeemed only by “Smile.” The California gloss of most of the record blunts her hook-writing edge. Still, “One in a Million” and “Ask Anybody” are incredibly appealing.
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