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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Wow. I thought Paper Doll was from the recording sessions for "Greatest Hits"

Does Lindsey do the guitar wailing towards the end of the song? I like Paper Doll. It's got like a Hawaii music on the beach spirit.
You’re right, UnwindedDreams- Paper Doll was originally recorded for their Greatest Hits album but dropped for No Questions Asked; before Mick put it on the Chain box set, he gave the completed song to Lindsey, who added some work on it. I don’t know the extent of his contribution, though. Of the other three new songs on the Chain, Make Me a Mask was a completely solo contribution by Lindsey (none of the rest of the band is on it) while Love Shines and Heart of Stone were recorded by Christine, John, Mick, and Billy and produced by Patrick Leonard. People say Stevie is on Heart of Stone but according to Billy’s book, she’s not on it. He was very clear those two songs were performed by those four members only.
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