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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
During the writing of The Nightbird Stevie says she is pacing the room while Sandy is at the piano. I took it to mean they wrote it together in the same room. Same with Les Dudek. She tells Jim Ladd the whole canyon was ringing with the guitar from them writing Sister Honey. Again, in the same house, room, etc... During the Sound Gig interview, Rick looks at Stevie and talks about writing Freedom at her house in Phoenix. I take it that she wrote those songs with those people at that time. Also all the song she and Lindsey did together when they were a couple. She may have written the lyrics, but I'm sure they were in the same room, working out the lyrics and melodies together.
I think the cowriting process really varied song to song with her. Sometimes she did just write lyrics to someone else’s already existing music. “If Anyone Falls” we know was written to an already existing instrumental track that Sandy Stewart had written called “The Last American” (see link below). Likewise, Stevie writes in the liner notes for Timespace that “Desert Angel” was written to a track on a cassette of songs that Mike Campbell sent her.
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