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Default Spoke With A Friend Who Gave Me Some Calrification

A friend of mine who was a FM fan at the time had this to say about In Chicago:

Because it was recorded before (but released after) FM recorded and released Then Play On on Warner Bros, In Chicago–being on their old label–was to some extent considered something of an archival release, or perhaps a cash-in by their old label in the wake of the band's recent success with Warner Bros.

Due to the marquee name value of the special guests, and their being listed on the cover, it was to some extent also considered a compilation album.

I note that all the studio chatter runs counter to the typical form of a proper studio album as such.

Only five of the 21 songs have a guest vocalist, so to my thinking calling it a compilation stretches things a bit.

Would still love clarification on the credit-related questions above if anyone has the album with credits. Thanks.

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