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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Well, I'm not American but I'm pretty certain the US media has dwelt on school shootings long before Trump (and will continue to do so long after him too). It seems odd to claim otherwise.

Child separations did indeed take place by US border authorities before Trump, but not in such significant numbers. I don't think anybody would deny it may be necessary to separate families in some cases and sent some people to prison. But deliberately using the policy as a deterrent is abhorrent and rightly condemned by people all around the world. There was a 1700% increase in such cases between April and May of this year.
They werenít using school shootings in the past as a weapon against the president of the United States like they are now. They have to find ways of keeping people outraged against Trump so they will be motivated to go vote. Using children is a way to do that.

The policy was not abhorrent. They broke the law. Itís their parents fault. Donít come here! Itís not supposed to be easy to be an illegal immigrant - does that ever sink into liberals? They need to fight for better living conditions in their own countries, not ours. .... And condemned around the world? Who cares? The media is controlled by liberals around the world who take their que from the Democratic Party. Are people really outraged - not really. Fake outrage is their weapon.
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