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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
The video was posted on Twitter. The restaurant fired him and the Green Party expelled him from the party. The boy finally decided to file charges and the man was arrested for stealing. He is the 30 years old, Mexican American and his name is Kino Jimenez. He had participated in anti Trump rallies before.

Fox is the only one posting about it on twitter. It should be all over the news because this is a teenager getting assaulted. However, because Democrats arenít looking so great right now, this could really hurt them, so itís not getting the coverage it deserves. A lot of people have blamed Maxine Maxipad Walters for this for her rhetoric against Trump supporters.

a) its very convenient the video is only available from that exact moment. You don't know whether there was anything preceding this happening that may have provoked the guy. There's still no excuse for that sort of behaviour but there may have been something in the build up that would have provided some context to his anger. I'm not saying anything of note did happen but its very easy to be selective with clips in order to distort peoples' image of an incident.

b) is that really worthy of news? There are far bigger issues out there in the world. A man gets angry with a kid, takes his hat and throws his drink at him. Big deal- that sort of thing happens every day for a variety of reasons. That Fox picks up on it and makes a major issue of it is really no surprise. There's no accounting for individual idiots.

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