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I agree with Macfan4life that if Tusk hadn't been the first single, it wouldn't have performed so well. I think it might have charted, but probably not very high. Radio was really anticipating new music from FM, so ANY song released as the first single was bound to be a hit because it would receive significant airplay. I'm not saying I don't like Tusk or that it's not a good song- after all, there are plenty of incredible songs that haven't charted highly.

My problem with Tusk is that I LOVE half of Lindsey's songs but HATE the other half. Not just, "ooh, sometimes I skip this song or that song," it's "quick, hit FF because I can't even stand to hear one note!"

Could you imagine how much better Tango would have been if Beautiful Child and Straight Back were on that album? That would have put the album right up there with Rumours in terms of critical success. Since Mirage and Tango are often criticized for being too pop or commercial, it would have been great if FM had been able to bring some of their more experimental Tusk songs onto those 2 albums.
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