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Originally Posted by On Ice View Post
This is a cool analysis. Most definitely Tusk would've been bigger as a single album, but without the "experimentation" that left so many scratching their heads way back in the dark ages of 1979. It desperately would've needed the superb song writing and production of its two predecessors. Like Mac Man, I did like Tusk at the time and it has aged reasonably well, but it did destroy the post Tusk band, which in reality besides a few points during Mirage was never a band again in the same way they were. Both Lindsey and Stevie became too self absorbed to realize the sum of the two was much greater than the parts and thus didn't have the same impact on Christine that they did from 75-79 say.

Both Mirage and Tango would need a total rework to have been wonderful with a re-vamped Tusk- ie the band contributing to the all of the music.
Tusk would have been more popular without the Lindsey songs.
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