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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post

The pressures to stay looking young are also more likely to cross Harry’s mind, too. Her image has always been fundamental to the success of Blondie. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she “swears by” plastic surgery. “In my business? I mean, come on,” she laughs.

She admits that the preoccupation with her looks did take a psychological toll upon her. “There was a time when I had to take down all the mirrors [in my house],” she says. “I felt like I was looking at myself too much. The world made such a big deal of how I looked. It’s problematic.” Now she’s content with her appearance. “I’m lucky I was born this way. It’s perfect for showbiz.”
this made me think about Stevie, and how she really got sucked into obsessing over her own appearance and staying up all night taking polaroids of herself and wasn't it Heart that said she had pics of herself all over like a shrine? She really did fall into the trap Debbie mentions of looking at herself too much. Not sure Stevie was as insightful about it as Debbie.
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