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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I love that intro. It’s so weird. It simulates an isolation chamber, which reinforces the angst of the opening lines of the lyric. She sounds trapped in that space—and that’s part of the point.

I can see why someone would hate the opening of the song, but I think that discomfort or resistance is part of the experience of the lyric.

When I first heard it, I laughed out loud. It was so absurd and disturbing and smart at the same time.
It still is to me. I feel like it's a joke. I played it for someone that doesn't care about her or FM and they laughed too. "WTF is that??!!!" I believe was the quote.
I guess it's foreshadowing what her regular voice sounds like now. So there was that.
I would tell Christine Perfect, "You're Christine f***ing McVie, and don't you forget it!"

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