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The "Behind The Mask" and "Time" eras of Fleetwood Mac are forgettable at best, and horrible and worst.

The notion of planning a Fleetwood Mac tour to include Rick Vito, Billy Burnett, Neil Finn, Mike Campbell, Bekka Bramlett, Dave Mason, Dave Walker, and Jeremy Spencer is absurd.

Can we bring along Jennie Boyd, Carole Ann Harris, Eddy Quintela, John Courage, Curry Grant, Kim Anderson and Judy Wong as official roadies? Backup singers will be Lori Perry, Sharon Celani, Jana Anderson, Elisicia Wright, Stevvi Alexander, and Marilyn Martin.

This show will be so disjointed and fragmented that the audience will need ADHD meds.

Hell, since we're on a roll, let's bring along Clifford Davis' version of "The 1974 New Fleetwood Mac" as the opening act. The acclaimed country/rock Duo Bekka and Billy featuring Robbie Patton and Sandy Stewart can alternate as the opening act on select dates.

Are we going by bus or private jet?
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