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Originally Posted by David View Post
Anusha, it is wonderful to see you back. Do you hear from any of the old Ledge gang(s)?
It's so good to see you, David! I don't really hear from anyone. I'm friends with one or two people on Facebook, but they hardly post! (I also hardly post!) It's hard to believe it's been more than 20 years since some of us were on the old page!

Remember all the struggles to try and become the official site or find other ways to overcome the server costs? (All you whippersnappers, we had fan sites for so many things that struggled in the 90s-00s and had fundraisers because server space was crazy expensive!) It's so strange to see things that were very fringe at that time (shippers! fan fiction!) among FM fans have basically come to dominate so many fan groups.

Sociology musings aside, how many OG Ledgies are around these days? As much as I like the music from the band, somehow the last 20 years of being an FM fan have been odd -- I never would have (but should have) predicted that the band would return to their animosity and sniping, but I'm really glad that we've gotten some of the quality solo output that came out and all the bonus material that came out officially on the (many, many) reissues. All the things that were hard to come by in the old days (Tusk documentary, demos, etc.) are easy to find online now!
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