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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
Totally agree with all of this, but she has so many minions hanging on every word she says and will interpret her RIDICULOUS comment that his firing was his fault. She talked about divorcing a man she was never married too---that alone should tell you which one of them is hung up on the other.
well and the whole "divorce" metaphor is one she used back during the first band interview post-firing (with Mike and Neil present). She blamed fans for their reactions, comparing them to children whose parents were divorcing and being upset that mommy and daddy were splitting up and how emotionally hard that is for kids. Her message was that sometimes mommy and daddy (the grown ups) have to do what's best for them despite how upsetting it is for the kids (fans). Like, someday when you grow up you'll better understand why mom and dad split up and see that it was the best thing for everyone. I found it rather insulting then and still now.
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