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Originally Posted by elle View Post
while i cannot agree more with you guys that he should be slowly releasing and dripping stuff from his new album, the way The Killers and others have been, during the pandemic / non touring time, i COMPLETELY disagree that he needs to do anything to counteract his ex. so no, now or this Friday? no reason.

that's her sick sad never-getting-over-his-role-in-her-life thing to do, to keep competing with him. he doesn't have to worry about anything she's doing anymore. she took herself out of his life and her trying to re-write that history with her interviews now ("i'm oh so sad about him leaving FM" bs) is not gonna change that.
I am sure you can appreciate that I am appealing to a marketing gimmick and the impulse for dramz to make the case to release something now.

I am grasping at straws.

But yes I am petty. 😝 Lindsey is not
"They love each other so much, they think they hate each other."

Imagine paying $1000 to hear "Don't Dream It's Over" instead of "Go Your Own Way"

Fleetwood Mac helped me through a time of heartbreak. 12 years later, they broke my heart.

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