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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
I don’t get it. Yesterday you were comparing how a Stevie single charted just as poorly as Lindsey’s Go Insane to show they were both in a similar state of decline...
Again, for the second time, I was talking about ALBUMS not singles.

And that wasn’t my point. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy that Lindsey made an album that peaked at #45 and nobody acts like he needed Fleetwood Mac to bail him out, but Stevie hits #45 and her career is in the gutter? Stevie didn’t need The Dance any more than Lindsey needed TITN.

But now you’re siding with the artistic merit of Behind The Mask and Time over the completely obvious fact that Tango was a blockbuster because it involved the original 5.
I have never argued against the classic lineup being a blockbuster band. But, they were all essential contributors and beneficiaries of that lineup. You are absolutely right when you say that TITN was a blockbuster because it involved all five.

And, no, I wasn’t siding with the artistic merit of Behind The Mask and Time over anything else, I was siding with the artistic merit of the core three, especially the songs Christine contributed during those years. I’d put “As Long As You Follow,” “Save Me,” “Behind the Mask,” “Love Shines, “I Do,” “Nights In Estoril,” and “All Over Again” up against anything she ever did during Lindsey’s tenure. They had the songs, the playing chops, and, with Time, the right producer. While those albums are both inconsistent when taken as a whole, the core three were just as creatively on solid ground as ever (weirdly also true of the Welch-era albums).

So, when people say that Lindsey bailed them (Mick, John, and Christine) out, I’m genuinely curious as to how, because those three weren’t drowning creatively and Lindsey’s name and talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer weren’t enough to make him a viable solo artist. Even with heavy promotion, music videos, rave reviews, and a tour, OOTC didn’t do much better than Time (which, reminder, was DOA when it was released). This is why I think the messiah Buckingham thing is so ridiculous.

When you want to attack Lindsey you dive right into sales. When you’re defending Stevie or Chris it’s all about art suddenly.
LOL!!! When have I ever defended Stevie’s art beyond being a brilliant harmony vocalist? The nicest thing I say about her music, especially during this time, is that her songs were hit or mostly miss after 1984.

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