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Originally Posted by elle View Post
yep i think she or Lindsey may have said it somewhere. somehow that message sounds imaginary, and never sent.

the whole original article is in LA Times, and in it Stevie gripes about FM fans replying to her on social media after her self-aggrandizing post about Notorious RBG, with their complaints for getting Lindsey kicked out. so this almost sounds like a damage control - sprinkling lots of airy fairy farts around but basically finally admitting she got him fired and there was no reason whatsoever except her personally being unhappy in FM.

she goes on and on enough that NME or some other magazine at first had a headline that she sent a message to her ex-husband. apparently the ghost of her dad told her it's time she divorced LB in 2018, after they were together since 1968. but that's all water under the bridge now and people should forget what she did to FM instead of replying to her about it 2 years later.
I don't think she ever sent that message. She probably dreamed about it...
What a drama queen. And who the heck is she to tell him what to do??

Her post about the Notorious RBG was all about her, not about RBG. If she really wanted to meet her, it would have happened. She's friends with the Clintons. If she really admired her so much how come she never talked about her before??

She's so delusional that she says she has a better relationship with her mother now than she did when Barbara was still alive


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